List of embassies in Pretoria

EMBASSIES in Pretoria

The following is a list of some of the embassies and high commissions in the Hatfield and Arcadia area within a 5 to 15 minute drive from Petal Faire Cottage …

Embassy of Algeria 950 Arcadia Street Hatfield
Embassy of Angola 1030 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Hatfield
Embassy of Argentina 440 Hilda Street Hatfield
High Commision of Australia 292 Orient Street, Pretoria
Embassy of Austria 1109 Jan Shoba (Duncan) Street Brooklyn
High Commission of Bangladesh 410 Farenden Street Sunnyside
Embassy of Belarus in Pretoria 327 Hill Street Arcadia
Embassy of Belgium 625 Leyds Street Muckleneuk
High Commission of The Republic of Botswana 24 Amos Street Colbyn
Embassy of Brazil in Pretoria 1267 Pretorius Street Hatfield
Embassy of Bulgaria 1071 Stanza Bopape (Church) Street Hatfield
Embassy of The Republic of Burundi 1090 Arcadia Street
High Commission of The Republic of Cameroon 924 Pretorius Street Arcadia
High Commission of Canada 1103 Arcadia Street
Embassy of Chile 235 Veale Street New Muckleneuk
Embassy of China 972 Pretorius Street Arcadia
Embassy of Colombia 1105 Park Street Hatfield
Embassy of The Republic of Congo 960 Arcadia Street Arcadia
Embassy of Côte D’ivoire 795 Government Avenue Arcadia
Embassy of The Republic of Croatia 1160 Stanza Bopape (Church) Street Colbyn
High Commission of Cyprus Cnr Hill & Church Street Arcadia
Embassy of The Czech Republic 936 Pretorius Street Arcadia
Embassy of Denmark Park Street Hatfield
Embassy of Finland 628 Leyds Street Muckleneuk
Embassy of France 807 George Avenue Arcadia
Embassy of Gabon 921 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
Embassy of Germany 180 Blackwood Street Arcadia
Embassy of The Republic of Guinea 336 Orient Street Arcadia
Embassy of Hungary 959 Arcadia Street Hatfield
Embassy of Indonesia 949 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
Embassy of Iran 1002 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Hatfield
Embassy of Iraq 803 Duncan Street Brooklyn
Embassy of Ireland 1059 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
Embassy of Israel 339 Hilda Street Hatfield
Embassy of Italy 796 George Avenue Arcadia
Embassy of Japan 353 Festival Street Hatfield
Embassy of Jordan 209 Festival Street Hatfield
High Commission of Kenya 302 Brooks Street Menlo Park
Embassy of The Democratic Republic of Korea Bourke Street Sunnyside
Embassy of The Republic of Korea 27 George Storrar Drive Groenkloof
Embassy of Kuwait 890 Arcadia Street Arcadia
High Commission of The Kingdom of Lesotho 391 Anderson Street Menlo Park
Embassy of Liberia 1090 Arcadia Street Arcadia
High Commission of Malawi 770 Government Avenue Arcadia
High Commission of Malaysia 1007 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
Embassy of Mali 876 Pretorius Street
High Commission of Mauritius 1163 Pretorius Street Hatfield
Embassy of Mexico Burnett Street Hatfield
Embassy of Morocco 799 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street
High Commission of Mozambique 529 Edmund Street Arcadia
Embassy of The Union of Myanmar 210 Leyds Street Arcadia
High Commission of Namibia 197 Blackwood Street Arcadia
High Commission of New Zealand 1110 Arcadia Street Hatfield
High Commission of The Federal Republic of Nigeria 971 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
Royal Norwegian Embassy 1166 Park Street Hatfield
High Commission of Pakistan 312 Brooks Street Menlo Park
Embassy of Palestine 809 Government Avenue Arcadia
Embassy of Panama 832 Jan Shoba (Duncan) Street Brooklyn
Embassy of Paraguay 189 Strelitzia Road Waterkloof
Embassy of Peru 1090 Arcadia Street Hatfield
Embassy of The Philippines 54 Nicholson Street Muckleneuk
Embassy of Romania 117 Charles Street Brooklyn
Embassy of Russia 316 Brooks Street Menlo Park
Embassy of Rwanda 35 Marais Street Brooklyn
Religious Office of Saudi Arabia 146A Percy Street Eastwood
Embassy of Senegal 57 Justice Mohammed (Charles) Street Bailey’s Muckleneuck
High Commission of Seychelles 939 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
High Commission of Singapore 980 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street Arcadia
Embassy of The Slovak Republic 930 Arcadia Street Arcadia
Embassy of Spain 169 Pine Street Arcadia
High Commission of Sri Lanka 410 Alexander Street Brooklyn
Embassy of Sudan 1203 Pretorius Street Hatfield
High Commission of Swaziland 715 Government Avenue
Embassy of Sweden 1166 Park Street Hatfield
Embassy of Switzerland 818 George Avenue Arcadia
Embassy of Syrian Arab Republic 963 Francis Baard (Schoeman) Street
High Commission of Tanzania 822 George Ave Arcadia
Embassy of Thailand 428 Hill Street Hatfield
Embassy of Tunisia 850 Stanza Bopape (Church) Street Arcadia
Embassy of Turkey 1067 Stanza Bopape (Church) Street Hatfield
High Commission of Uganda 882 Stanza Bopape (Church) Street Arcadia
Embassy of Ukraine 398 Marais Street Brooklyn
Embassy of United Arab Emirates 992 Arcadia Street Arcadia
High Commission of The United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland 255 Hill Street Arcadia
Embassy of The United States of America 877 Pretorius Street Arcadia
Embassy of Uruguay 1119 Burnett Street Hatfield
Embassy of Venezuela Hilda Street Hatfield
Embassy of Vietnam 87 Brooks Street Brooklyn
Embassy of Yemen 1063 Pretorius Street Hatfield
Embassy of Yugoslavia 163 Marais Street Brooklyn
High Commission of Zambia Ziervogel Avenue Arcadia
High Commission of Zimbabwe Merton Street Arcadia